Thanksgiving Party!

For the final meeting of each Let’s Read session, we organize a big group activity such as a field trip or party. It is an opportunity to reward the students for their diligent reading throughout the season. This time, we threw a fun-filled party complete with board games, Thanksgiving-themed activities, and food.

We played old favorites such as Monopoly Junior and tried new games such as Scattergories. It was nothing short of hilarious to watch the tutors and students play Hedbanz, a game where they had to guess the mystery word attached to their foreheads.

After the games, we reconvened to talk about those things for which we were thankful: family, friends, teachers, tutors, and students.

One of our older students then led a craft project for the group: making Thanksgiving cards with turkey cutouts. All of the students were wonderfully creative; they made turkey feathers from traced fingers and decorated their cards with leaves. A few students chose the latter-part of the turkey life-death-eat cycle and depicted their turkeys cooked on a platter – how clever!

We closed the party with snacks (many students tried hummus for the first time and liked it), prizes, and a few rounds of Pin the Hat on the Turkey. All in all, it was a wonderful way to close out the year!

We’ll see everyone in January for another session!

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