Memorial Day!

After individual reading and tutoring this Memorial Day weekend, we took time to talk about the meaning of this holiday.  In order to express our gratitude and thanks to all of the our brave military members and veterans, we took part in Operation Appreciation.  All of the kids and tutors of Let’s Read took time to write letters to our service members that will be sent to troops at home and abroad, as well as our veterans.

Here are a few excerpts from some of the wonderful, heart-felt letters:

“I want to thank you because you took the time to leave your family just to save our country.  I appreciate everything you have done just to keep all of America safe…  You are my hero.”

“Thank you for all you do for our country.”

“I appreciate you because you volunteer to serve our country.”

“Thank you for keeping my country safe and risking your life…  You’re my hero!”

(Operation Appreciation is a program created by Blue Star Families, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting military members, veterans, and their families.)


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