We Built This City!

Today in Let’s Read – Pueblo Del Rio, Angela asked everyone: what makes a city?  We talked about the structures and places that all come together to form a city like Los Angeles.  Houses.  Parks.  Shoe stores.  Gas stations.  Courthouses.  Swimming pools.

Then, we all had the chance to build our own city components.  Everyone had their own tile of cardboard and used various art supplies to construct the different types of buildings we all discussed.

Once we were finished crafting, all of the tiles were put together to form our unique city.  Angela took suggestions and let the kids vote on the name of our new city: “Dogtown”.

After the group activity, everyone lined up for snacks of granola bars and orange slices.  We had 28 kids at today’s session!  This was the first session for six of the kids (and one tutor).  We look forward to seeing them again next week!

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