USC Volunteers Join the Fun!


This Saturday, the students at Let’s Read – West LA were joined by some very special helpers!  We had about 20 student volunteers take a bus from USC all the way to Brentwood.  They were taking part in USC’s Friends & Neighbors Service Days program.  The extra help let our students read 1-on-1 with a tutor and show off the great work they’ve been doing so far.

After individual reading, it was time to put on a play!  During the past sessions, we have practiced narrating and acting.  Two weeks ago, we worked together to write a mad-lib story and create a totally original ending.  Now it was time to put our practice together and show off our story!


IMG_0840While our actors rehearsed, the rest of us played a game.  We held hands in a circle and raced to move a hula-hoop around the group without breaking the chain.


Then we went into the theater to watch the performance.  Our narrators and actors did a great job!


Finally, one of the USC volunteers told us why she was going to college and what she liked most about school.  All of our Let’s Read students are definitely going to college when they grow up!

Thank you so much to our special volunteers.  Fight On!


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