Fun Stories, Free Books & Special Guests!


Today at Let’s Read – West LA, we were joined by some special guest tutors! A group of volunteer students from USC, as part of their Friends & Neighbors Service Days program, took a bus from their campus all the way to Let’s Read.



It was a surprise to our kids to have so many tutors, but they enjoyed reading with their new partners.


After individual reading, it was time to write stories of our own! Everyone got a worksheet with a drawing or photograph on it, then they used their imaginations to come up with a story about that picture. The kids wrote about Mario and Yoshi, elephants sitting on benches, monkeys painting with fruit, hungry dinosaurs in the zoo… There were so many creative stories!


We had one more surprise for the end of the day. Thanks to a generous donation from our partners at Reading Is Fundamental, every one of our kids received a book to take home. RIF wants to make sure that kids have a library of their own at home, so that they can read whenever they want. Today, each of our kids was able to add to their personal book collection!


So we had a day full of exciting surprises and fun activities. Thank you to our USC student volunteers! And thank you to Reading Is Fundamental; the kids couldn’t wait to get home and read their new books!

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