If You Give a Horse a TV


Today we read one of our favorite books: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Afterwards, we decided to write a book like that of our own! First, we had to come up with a title:

If You Give a _______

“Horse!” One of our students suggested.

Great idea! If You Give a Horse a ______

“TV!” Another student thought.

Excellent. The title of our new book became: If You Give a Horse a TV.


Then, we used ideas from everyone at Let’s Read to write our story on page-sized poster boards. Once the story was written, pairs of students got pages of our new book to illustrate themselves. Then, we lined up and read through our funny new book one more time!







Here’s how it went:

If you give a horse a TV…

He’ll want to change the channel, so he’ll need a remote control.

But the remote is in the car. So you’ll need to go to the garage.

In the garage, he’ll see some tools. He’ll want to fix a skateboard.

Then he’ll want to ride the skateboard. All the way to a farm.

At the farm, he’ll see some cows. Then he’ll want a glass of milk.

With the milk, he’ll want some chocolate chip cookies.

With his milk and cookies, the horse will want…

a TV!

The End.

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