The Summer Begins!


Let’s Read today was a different experience than we regularly do.  Usually, we all read together and do activities in a classroom at Brentwood Presbyterian, before finishing with a quick snack break.  Today we arrived to find a locked classroom with no way of getting in.  Luckily, we were able to make the short walk to the Donald Kaufman Brentwood Public Library, where the kids all got to pick out books.  The activity of the day was related to characters.  Everyone got a sheet about a character in the book that they read, with questions ranging from “What does your character like to do?” to “How does your character get into trouble?”  Once it was time to go, we returned to the school for a quick discussion and some wheat thins.  Regardless of where we are, the kids (and the volunteers) always have fun.

* Today’s post was written by our volunteer, Nick Reece. Thanks, Nick!

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