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Art History!

After a brief, but comprehensive Art History lesson by tutor Angela, the students of Let’s Read hit the canvasses running with a group art project that saw line and perspective, color and impressionism, even postmodern collage flow forth from talented young minds!

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Urban Planning!

Today’s Let’s Read session was dedicated to an activity hosted by renowned urban planner James Rojas.  Mr. Rojas regularly lectures at universities, planning conferences, and grassroots community meetings on land use and transportation.  He also founded the Latino Urban Forum and developed the design-based Place It! initiative. The kids used odd and colorful items to build models of […]

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For today’s exciting group activity, we made Flubber!  The kids talked about the different states of matter – solids, liquids, and gasses – and then one of the tutors taught everyone how to make a fluid, which is somewhere between a liquid and a solid. Using water, a little Borax, some food coloring, and glue, […]

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Memorial Day!

After individual reading and tutoring this Memorial Day weekend, we took time to talk about the meaning of this holiday.  In order to express our gratitude and thanks to all of the our brave military members and veterans, we took part in Operation Appreciation.  All of the kids and tutors of Let’s Read took time […]

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Measure Up!

Our second meeting this summer session began as usual, with a great hour of reading and individual tutoring.  Afterwards, we used measuring tape to find out how tall we are and what our wingspan is (by measuring fingertip to fingertip).  Then, the students made predictions for how much they think they’ll grow by the end […]

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